This dip literally takes 5 minutes to make. 

This recipe takes less time to make than it takes to read this blog.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I posted a side. Sorry folks, I’ve been busy living the fabulous life. (Actually, I’ve been busy working and shit. While I am a freelancer and make my own schedule, paid projects always come first and I don’t like to work on weekends if I don’t have to. :P )

This dip was actually sort of born from this cauliflower recipe. It was one of those lazy Sunday (or something) evenings. My husband’s friend and fellow foodie came over for some grilling and I thought I’d try that cauliflower thing. Honestly, the cauliflower thing was just average, BUT – the yogurt crap smeared all over it? Now THAT was amazing. I was already making some baked sliced potatoes and, in the presence of two men that don’t know the meaning of leftovers, (or waiting until everything is finished cooking to start eating, for that matter) the dipping started with the yogurt stuff that was left. Or maybe I made a double batch. Or maybe I messed up the first one and made a second one. I don’t even remember, the details are not important. It went fast, too, and with a complete mouthful my husband so kindly requested that I make it again some time.

dip recipes

Pick a spice palette and run with it. Here, we have curry, cumin and lime.

As it turns out, my recipe is insanely close to this other recipe. I did not plan it that way. Remembering it was just yogurt and spices, I just made up spices I thought would be good, things that I already had in my cabinet. You don’t even have to follow my recipe. Really all you do is this:

1. Get some Greek yogurt

2. Add spices and stir

Then you just dip some chips or dollop it on top of grilled or roasted potatoes. You can let it sit in the fridge if you have the forethought to make it ahead of time, but it’s not really that necessary. I know that I personally will be playing around with this a lot (lemon garlic anyone?), so if I come up with something super awesome, don’t worry: I will let you know.

Curry yogurt chip and potato dip


  • 4oz plain yogurt
  • 1 heaped tablespoon curry powder (as spicy as you like it!)
  • 1 tablespoon cumin
  • juice and zest of 1 lime
  • salt and pepper to taste


Step 1
Mix all ingredients until fully incorporated. Add a little water to thin out the dip to your liking, if necessary. Let sit 30 minutes up to overnight. Serve with potato chips or dollop on top of roasted potatoes.
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Thalia @ butter and brioche

You can never go wrong with a classic dip and crackers. This looks so delicious and I love how easy it is to make!