Hi, my name is Laura. I’m a professional photographer and writer, and my kitchen typically looks like this:


Clearly, being a foodie is my #1 hobby. See the bubbling stewpot and crumbs everywhere that clearly came from something I was snacking on without a plate? I love to cook and I love to travel, and then I attempt to take flavors and dishes from my travels and make them at home. In fact, it’s probably one of my world’s most favorite things to do.

I never intended to start a food blog. Why would I, when there are so many great ones already out there? Well, since you asked, here’s why: My husband, we’ll call him El Gallo, is a hunter. Which means our deep freezer is always chalk-full of wild meats and I’m always trying to find something creative to put them in. Through my search for wild game recipes, I always end up on some crappy website that is (not to be rude), a little lackluster. I don’t want recipes in yellow type on a turquoise background. I want recipes on a cute food blog, with character and pretty pictures. I want the pretty photos, dammit! I also don’t need 6 million recipes for venison chili. Can’t find the book? Write it yourself! Answering that one little question yields always an adventure in my kitchen. What’s for dinner?

So here we are. And by “we” I mean me and my willing associates:

wild game recipes

C’est Moi: Photographer, writer, recipe invention, head “chef”


Mary Lou aka “ML”: Sous chef, photo assistant, copy editor, food stylist.

Sadie: squirrel hunter, taste tester, scrap picker upper

Sadie: squirrel hunter, taste tester, scrap picker upper


Nothing about my kitchen is normal. (Ask me about the time my refrigerator housed a drunken rabbit…) I’m either cooking wild game or vegetarian, and my pantry looks like the aftermath of an episode of Iron Chef (the original). You never know what you’ll find tucked away in my freezer, so sometimes I end up making awesome recipes I can’t repeat (like the time I put leftover coq au vin broth in a chili recipe). Never a dull moment. Welcome to my wild kitchen!