I know you have a ton of brightly colored hard-boiled eggs laying around!

It’s Easter again! Time for bunnies and chicks and candy and eggs and plastic confetti grass that you’re gonna find in your dust bunnies for the next two months. Am I leaving something out?

Oh right. Jesus. Happy re-birthday, Jesus!

Is that the proper vernacular for congratulating someone that rose from the dead? I’d ask George Romero but, you know, Rest In Peace, old friend.

Anywho, onto the recipes. This time of year everybody has an overabundance of one thing: hardboiled eggs. And you know what? Nobody wants to just peel and eat hardboiled eggs, especially ones that have kind of been sitting around for a weekend. So, here are our favorite boiled egg recipes!

boiled egg recipes

Scotch Eggs

Why we love ’em: They’re like egg-filled meatballs. And they’re fried.

Makers tip: Peeling eggs is a cinch if you put it in a mason jar with water, seal tightly, and shake. Here’s a video.

boiled egg recipes

Eggs in Thai Curry

Why we love ’em: Because Thai curry is awesome.

Makers tip: Lightly fry the eggs in oil before putting them in the curry. It’s worth the extra time.

boiled egg recipes

Breakfast Meatloaf

Why we love it: It’s meat on meat filled with an egg. I think that also makes this keto, low carb, paleo, gluten-free, and just about every other food fad that isn’t low fat or vegetarian.

Makers tip: Take the extra time to make a gravy out of the grease in the bottom of your loaf pan. Just suck it up and do it.

boiled egg recipes

Deviled Eggs

Why we love ’em: You can’t have an Easter post without deviled eggs. Also, my devil sauce is the best.

Makers tip: Make a light meal out of deviled eggs by putting them on a big salad.

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Great ideas for hard boiled eggs!