Because sometimes the inside wants to be the outside.

We may not be sure who came first, but one day there was an egg.

“Helloooooo world! I’m an egg! What will I become?”

Venison Breakfast Sausage Recipe

The egg saw several of its brothers and sisters go on to be great things – hard boiled, fried, mixed with flour and milk to become cookies and cake. But, more than ever the egg wanted to be part of a sandwich. So many parts working together creating something clever and wonderful! This egg, however, didn’t want to be squished in the middle of the sandwich.

“I’d get lost in there!! Can’t I be on the outside?”

“Well,” said an older, wiser egg. “You could be part of a benedict. Then you’d be on the top!”

The egg, however, didn’t want to be a benedict. You see, the little egg was afraid of water, and benedicts require the eggs to be poached. Anyway, it wanted to be a proper sandwich!

Venison Breakfast Sausage Recipe

“You can’t be a bun,” said the older and wiser egg. “First, you’re too delicate. If someone tried to hold you, you’d bend, and the middle of the sandwich would fall out, and the mighty eater would get your yolks all over their fingers. You cannot be a bun.”

Then one day the egg met a mighty eater from Hollywood, California. Apparently, in California, anything goes.

“You wanna be on the outside?” Asked the mighty eater from California. “Shit. I gotcha, bro. All I gotta do is embed you in the bread!”

And this is how the Hollywood egg sandwich was born.


Hollywood Egg Sandwich


  • 1/2lb venison breakfast sausage (formed into four flat patties)
  • 4 medium slices Good, wide bread
  • 1 avocado (in slices)
  • 4 eggs
  • 4oz gruyere (sliced)
  • 2 tablespoons butter (or more, if you like more butter)


Step 1
Heat a large skillet over medium high-heat. Add the breakfast sausage patties and cook until browned on both sides and cooked all the way through (about 4-5 minutes per side). Meanwhile, take a small glass or circle cookie cutter and use it to cut a hole in the middle of each piece of bread. Butter each side of the bread and the bread "holes."
Step 2
Once the sausage is done cooking remove from the pan and set aside. Add two slices of the bread (and two holes, if there is room) and crack 2 eggs in the holes. Fry the bread until the egg whites are beginning to set and the bottom of the egg/bread is browned, about 3 minutes. Flip and add half the cheese slices to one of the pieces of bread with egg. Continue to cook until the cheese has started to melt and the yolk is cooked to your desired doneness (another 2-3 minutes for over easy). Repeat with the other two slices, followed by frying the bread holes if you didn't have room in the pan for them before.
Step 3
Once your Hollywood egg toasts are all finished, layer with 2 sausage patties (per sammy) and half the avocado slices. Serve with the little toast holes on the side or on the sandwich. Cut in half so the runny egg runs out.

Non-game substitution: Any ‘ol breakfast sausage. Or, of course, bacon.

Vegetarian substitution: Leave off the meat and make this a Hollywood egg grilled cheese.


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